PV Nano Cell

Rebranding the Company and Branding the Product

The challenge

PV Nano Cell has invented conductive inks with great features and capabilities. They also understand the huge potential for this ink in many industries.

Yet, two things were missing: 1. A clear manifestation of their vision to their clients and investors. 2. Sex appeal.

The Solution

We’ve developed a new corporate narrative that positions the company as “the clean fuel behind the digital printing revolution.”

We created a separate brand for PV Nano Cell inks: Sicrys™ (SIngle-CRYStal conductive nanoinks).

We used the unique triangular shape of the single-crystal nanoparticles in the ink as part of the brand’s logo.

In the end, we have created prestigious packaging that truly complements the fact that this is the best product on the market.