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NewSpark is a power group of star marketing professionals from the Israeli high-tech scene. We help tech companies become effective when reaching out to clients, business partners, investors, and other stakeholders. We do it by using all means necessary—from creating a remarkable online and offline presence and branding to advertising and sales.

Our team members come mainly from the Israeli start-up scene, but we work with companies from all over the world.

We specialize in introducing innovative technologies and services to their target markets, but it is not as much about technology or markets as it is about telling good and vivid stories to people.

Some of Our Services

Corporate Story Creation & Branding
Corporate Story Creation & Branding

Marketing without a story that touches people is like going to war with a wooden sword. Your positioning IS your strategy, and we treat it as such.
We create narratives and visuals that penetrate people’s indifference, creating the engagement needed to make a purchase decision.

Marketing Boost
Marketing Boost

We don’t want to do your day-to-day marketing—outsourcing is not our thing, neither is optimization. But if you feel your conversions should be significantly higher, we will help you rethink your marketing strategy and activities.
We will show you new funnels, new engaging advertising concepts, and more interesting ways to describe and sell your products or services.

Pitching & Presentations
Pitching & Presentations

Is a big pitch coming up? Need a new corporate/product/sales presentation? We can do it, but you got to be ready to work with us.
Invest in sharing your knowledge with us and we will take your pitch to a whole new level. We will make it pitch-perfect.

We are a results-driven team, and our main goal is to boost your conversions and to maximize the efficiency of existing tools.

Story-Driven… A New Kind of Marketing Mumbo Jumbo?

Humans have been using storytelling as the main means of persuasion since the beginning of speech. Our brains are wired to embrace stories as opposed to information. Stories create meaning from information, and while information leads to conclusions, stories lead to persuasion and action. So, why go against something that is in our nature?

Good stories fill in the gap between product failure and success:

A good story turns a logo into a brand. A good story changes and fine-tunes the product, making it more appreciated by users and enhancing the product/market fit. A good story turns a sales pitch from awkward and pushy to interesting and engaging. A good story turns UI into true UX. A good story simply boosts conversions by making advertising, onboarding, and upgrading much more efficient.


Different Companies Demand
Different Methodologies

Seed and Pre-Seed Start-Ups Looking for a Product/Market Fit
Seed and Pre-Seed Start-Ups Looking for a Product/Market Fit
It’s a new product, maybe even a new category. No one really knows yet the best way to present and market it. You need help, but you cannot afford it.
Meet us for a FREE mentoring session—just request one via the contact form. Don’t worry, we are not going to sell you anything.
Post-Seed/Round-A Start-Ups Looking for Rapid Growth
Post-Seed/Round-A Start-Ups Looking for Rapid Growth
It’s your time to shine! Finally, you can have marketing materials you’re not embarrassed about. Yet, time is still a major factor, and you cannot waste it on exploration and mistakes.
You need someone who understands start-ups’ needs, delivers quickly, and can turn creativity into numbers.
Hurray—you found us!
Full-Grown Companies Looking to Launch a New Product
Full-Grown Companies Looking to Launch a New Product
Leading innovation is exciting, but it’s also a great responsibility. If it’s in the early stage, we can help you test its potential market acceptance. If you are ready to launch, we will make sure it finds a product/market fit, , and we will help you make this product your company’s latest star with smart internal communication.
Medium and Large Companies Wishing to Rebrand Themselves
Medium and Large Companies Wishing to Rebrand Themselves
Rebranding and repositioning are great opportunities, but they can also be very scary as you’re about to change something that puts bread on the table of many people. This fear can be paralyzing, leading to mediocre results.
We will dive deep into your business and into the needs of your customers and make sure you new branding is both safe and attractive.

“You must create a spark before you can make a fire.”

– Auguste Rodin

Guiding Principles

1. Lean & Mean

Working with start-ups, we had to learn how to be lean, fast, and efficient. That’s how the idea to work only with freelancers came to mind. Freelancers have a lot of benefits:

  • They have a true spark in their eyes.
  • They are more motivated to tackle any project.
  • They work faster.
  • Without paychecks,
  • Plus, people in sweatpants are usually more fun to work with.

Today, we work with the best freelancers in the country on executing our vision. We have a vast pool of top professionals we trust (designers, webmasters, UX/UI experts, SEO pros, and copy/content writers), who can match marketing projects of any size or budget.

2. We Work with You

This is not one of those empty “true partners” promises but a basic component of success. We need your visionary point of view if we want to excite masses and call them to action. Even if you don’t understand the full potential by yourself, we will know how to turn your thoughts into effective marketing tools.

There are no secrets here, just proactive and structured weekly conversations between people.

3. Empathy – the Source of Great Ideas

People mistakenly see marketing as focusing on themselves, but marketing is all about others, about listening, about observing, about deep understanding, and eventually about real value.

Coming up with great ideas demands some magic and charm—that special something that makes people react positively and open up. It starts with thorough analysis, continues with strong and impactful words and grabbing visual language, and ends with action—when empathy comes back at you.

We do our best to practice this principle in our everyday lives too.

4. No Bullshit

People are very sensitive to marketing content and activities, they don’t like aggressiveness, and they can sense BS from miles away. We say it’s a fair demand—we should treat people the way we want to be treated.

We follow this principle in our marketing, and instead of using big words and superlatives we favor pinpointed messaging based on true human insights. We follow this principle in our relationship with our clients, providing them with all needed information and full transparency.

Who Runs This Thing?

Yonatan Kagansky is a marketing communication strategist and consumer psychology expert, pioneering the story-driven marketing approach in Israel. He is highly experienced in all major aspects of marketing, from research and product development to UX, advertising, and branding.

Yonatan owes a large part of his experience to working for some of the leading Israeli advertising agencies. There, he took the central position in marketing activities of big corporations and small companies from Israel and abroad within B2B and B2C.

During the last decade, Yonatan has led the development of dozens of brands and products in a wide range of fields ranging from lingerie to nanotechnology.

Today, Yonatan focuses solely on tech companies and start-ups. He gives talks and leads workshops on tech marketing and mentors start-ups at Google programs in Israel and abroad.

  • Yonatan Kagansky
    Yonatan Kagansky Founder

On an endless mission to understand what makes people tick and to find simple ways to reach them.

“The frontiers were wide open. It was that sense
of excitement that we really needed to spark.”

Bill Gates

Transformation Stories

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • “After three years of working with NewSpark, I can tell you this is one of the best decisions a manager can make. It’s like working with your best and most creative employee—you know the job will be done, and you’ll be presently surprised by the result.”

    Golan Malul
    Golan Malul Owner and CEO at Host&Found Group
  • “It is a pleasure working with Yonatan. He combines intuition and deeper thinking to produce top results. Yonatan also knows how to ‘find the rhythm’ in working with people. providing valuable input while encouraging creativity.”

    Tal Cohen
    Tal Cohen Founding Partner at DRIVE
  • “Yonatan and the NewSpark team are true partners—they truly care and insist on doing what is best for us, even when it demands more from them. They are positively challenging us and all our marketing activities. I recommend them to anyone!”

    Gil Nizri
    Gil Nizri CEO at DMway

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